Why Do Peanuts Trigger Migraines?


Asked by Tracie H.

Why Do Peanuts Trigger Migraines?

When I was younger I never knew that I had migraines. I just kind of figured it out myself when I did an essay over it. Because I had eatin peanuts one day and I had gotten this real bad headache. I read that peanuts can give you migraines. I figuired I had them because all the women in my family has it. And then a couple of days ago I was diagnosed with migraines. So why do peanuts give some people migraines?


We don't know exactly why some foods trigger Migraines, only that they do for some people. Peanuts fall into that cagetory.

We know that foods containing tyramine, a naturally occuring substance that's formed from the breakdown of protiens in foods as they age can be a trigger. MSG and other food additives are also potential food triggers. None of these apply to peanuts however.


Answered by Teri Robert