Why Is My Penis Red, Raw?


Asked by dave

Why Is My Penis Red, Raw?

I've been dating the same woman for six years, but recently I started seeing redness, irritation, and a raw feeling on the tip of my penis. It is not really painful, although I do feel it mildly when I urinate at the tip. What could be causing this?


Redness at the tip of the penis in a monomagous person is most likely a local irritation. Possible causes can be from urine that irritated the tip of the penis if you were wet after voiding, especially if you were to be uncircumcised. Local irritation from sexual activity is also another possibility. The best thing to do is to keep the area clean and dry until the irritation subsides. If it persists or you're concerned about it, your doctor should be able to tell you what it is and how to best treat it.

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Answered by Jay Motola, M.D.