Why Do I Have Pin-prick Pains Near My Heart?


Asked by FrankTJr

Why Do I Have Pin-prick Pains Near My Heart?

For many years I have had small but strong pin-prick pains near my heart area. I've had a physical and everything came out fine with my heart and blood levels. However, last night I felt like I was blacking out while I was lying in bed. What could be causing these pin-prick sensations and this blackout experience? Do I have heart disease?


It's impossible to know what the exact cause of your symptoms is without an exam and the appropriate tests, unfortunately. Whenever you experience chest pains, feel lightheaded, or have shortness of breath you should definitely see a doctor, in an emergency room if necessary. It could be a problem with your heart, your blood pressure, or some other medical condition. Only someone who can examine you in person can tell for sure.

It is good that you are seeing your physician. Make sure that he/she is aware of everything you just described in this post.

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