Why Do They Put Acetaminophen In Percocet?


Asked by Coltonchasejadyn@aol.com

Why Do They Put Acetaminophen In Percocet?

I was getting perscribed to percocet, than I went and picked up my script and it sadi IP 207 on them, they said they were the same thing as percocet 10mg but I think it has more aceptaminophen in them, what does that mean, and does that effect the effect of the oxycodone in it? PLEASE help!


When checking the pill identifier, I couldn't find anything with IP 207. There is an IP 206 which is 10 mg. oxycodone and 650 mg. acetaminophen. Percocet 10 mg. comes with either 325 mg or 650 mg. of acetaminophen, so I'm not sure if what you have is more acetaminophen or not. Whatever the pharmacy gave you should be exactly the dosage your doctor prescribed, whether it is a brand name or a generic.

The reason acetaminophen is added to oxycodone (or any opioid) is to boost the pain-relieving effect of the oxycodone. A higher dosage of acetaminophen will just give a little more of a pain-relieving boost.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards