Why Is My Scar From A Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal Made My Face Uneven


Asked by Lorraine

Why Is My Scar From A Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal Made My Face Uneven

Lorraine 19 July 2008

I had a BCC removed from the side of my nose 2 months ago. The scar is from the corner of my eye almost to the top of my lip about 7-8 cm. The scar flap is perfect but the peripheral area is a problem. I have been left with a deep crease down my laugh line. From the corner of my nose to my mouth there is 1.5cm ridge where the internal stitches were and a 1cm depression at the end that creates the crease and also wrinkle lines next to it. I assume the wrinkles were caused by pulling the flap closure. I also have little lumps in the corner of my nose, suture lumps I assume. My nose is also slightly crooked now. Has anyone else had this problem and did it go away. The crease makes one side of my face look older than the other. I am 50 something could my age be a contributing factor. I am very depressed with the outcome. I am not keloid.


Currently there are a variety of "fillers" that are considered very safe for use in filling depressions left from skin surgery due to a pre-cancer or cancer. So I would get a plastic surgeon/dermatologists opinion on the possibility of this correction being done (it will have to be repeated with some frequency) - and make sure it is a board-certified specialist. I also know that silicone pads can help with minimizing scarring - but I'm not sure that would help in any way.

The fillers can be bovine collagen, Restylane and even your own fat, in some cases - so do pursue this since there are many filler options. Replace your depression with a proactive move that can hopefully provide a solution. You deserve it!!

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.