Why Do I Sleep On My Back With My Knees Bent?


Asked by Blar

Why Do I Sleep On My Back With My Knees Bent?

Is it normal for someone to sleep on his/her back with the knees bent up? I apparently sleep in this position sometimes and it disturbs my husband's sleep. What could cause this unusual sleeping position?


There is nothing wrong with sleeping in this position. It may be that it is simply more comfortable for your legs or back and thus your body "defaults" to this as as a sleeping position at night. Have you ever, for example, had a back problem or some other physical problem involving your stomach? Perhaps you simply like sleeping in a fetal position (it's the most common), but you attempt to do this while you are still on your back. It could also be due to the shape of your mattress or that your husband's weight pulls you toward the middle of the bed.

If your husband is regularly having his sleep disturbed by this, you might think about ways of keeping you from sleeping on your back, much like people who snore have to do. Positioning of pillows in the middle of the bed can help. You might also try sewing something hard to the back of your night clothes so that you can't get comfortable on your back. Once you get out of the routine of sleeping on your back, you can remove the pillows and the addition to your pajamas.

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