Why Do I Have Tightness Across The Chest And In My Throat Upon Waking Up Every Morning?


Asked by TiffanyB

Why Do I Have Tightness Across The Chest And In My Throat Upon Waking Up Every Morning?

I'm a 39-year-old non-healthy girl; I suffer from a disease called Relapsing Polychondritis and damage from that condition has caused severe narrowing in my trachea. I have a tracheostomy. Owing to all of this, I've had to sleep sitting up for the past 6 years to keep my airways open. Like I don't already have enough problems, I just recently developed another: tightness across the chest and in my throat upon waking up every morning. I have the sensation of it all being inflamed and the pain makes it difficult to cough - something I MUST do every morning to expel secretions that build up in my airways overnight. This pain is frequently accompanied by headache pain as well - so going to bed and getting up has pretty much become a nightmare for me. Every day begins with me hunched over and creeping around my house like a ball of misery, like I'm 100 years old! This has been going on for about 2 months. Incidentally, the onset of it coincided with my first trip to the chiropractor in years for numbness in my hands. I was told that was due to my spine, that I have a forward head posture due to all the sitting I do and that I would need regular visits to try to correct that problem. The short treatment I received on that first (and last visit) didn't seem to cause me any immediate trouble that I can remember. There was some soreness across the tops of my shoulders, that's all. I drank plenty of water as I was told. However, I was also told to do regular stretching exercises, which I did for all of one day. Could this recent pain in my chest and throat be related to my visit to the chiropractor? Or is it more likely that I'm just not getting enough oxygen during the night due to my respiratory problems?? The pain FORCED me to get up at 8 and I'm still in pain (even with Tylenol) - it's 12:36 in the afternoon.


Hi TiffanyB,

You should speak with your physician regarding your chest & throat tightness and other issues.

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Karen McPartland, RD