Why Tweeting Birds Are Good for Your Health

Medically Reviewed

Are you sick of hearing about tweets? If so, read on to learn why some tweets are associated with making you feel better.

More precisely, tweeting birds, as well as surrounding nature, are associated with improving mental health. In a 2017 study in Bioscience, researchers counted the number of birds in three English neighborhoods and measured how much vegetation—shrubs and trees—covered the area.

They surveyed 263 residents in those neighborhoods about their mental health and their exposure to nearby nature. They found that the more birds and nature in neighborhoods—even in urban areas—the less likely their residents were to suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress.

Past studies have indicated well-being among people who enjoy surrounding nature, whether they’re outdoors walking or gardening or indoors viewing birds and greenery through their windows. The evidence about living near nature can only presume, not prove, that the benefits seen are from enjoying nature.

It’s possible more mentally healthy people choose to move to greener neighborhoods and people who are depressed spend less time outdoors. And being outdoors makes it more likely that neighbors socialize, another proven mood booster. Nevertheless, the study makes a good case for putting away your cell phone and spending more time bird-watching.