Why Does my Urine Test Say I'm Positive for Fentanyl?


Asked by tlnews59

Why Would A Urine Test Show Positive For Fentanyl When I've Never Taken It? I Do Take Ms Contin.

I've been under contract with a Pain Management Doctor for approximately 12-14 years. I'm currently taking MS Contin ER (extended release) 100mg X 2 every 8 hours along with MSIR 15mg X 2 every 4 hours as needed for breakthrough pain. These are the only pain meds I take, however the month prior to my urine test my Doctor switched me to an equal amount of Oxycontin, which I took for one month and decided it didn't work as well for me. I do believe it had been a full 30 days since taking any Oxycontins that the urine sample was given.

My Urine test has come back positive for Fentanyl, Codeine and one other drug I do not take. I have never taken Fentanyl and its been a long, long time since I've taken Codeine. I am on a few other medications for a variety of reasons; High Blood Pressure, Depression, Indegestion, Anti-Inflamatory, Water Pills, Vitamins & occasionally Lunesta for sleep. My Doctor says if he kept me on as a patient he could lose his License. However I'm also questioning that because I've heard through the Grapevine that this is one of the ways my Doctor weeds out his Medicare patients, me being one of them.

Could someone help me with my dilemma, has this ever happened to you? Or can someone explain to me how I can test positive for a drug I've never taken? Thanks in advance for your help.


I've heard from a few people who have had either false positives or false negatives on their urine drug tests. There are a number of things that can cause false positives for a variety of drugs.

A couple of other possibilities are: 1) The drug screen was incorrectly administered or the specimen was tainted, switched or tampered with (accidentally or intentionally) between collection and processing; or 2) The drug screen was misinterpreted and/or recorded incorrectly.

My best suggestion would be to ask the doctor to test your hair to prove you did not use fentanyl or codeine since hair testing can detect drugs used within approximately 90 days. I don't know that Medicare would cover hair testing, so you might have to pay for it yourself.

Good luck!

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