Why Do I Have To Wipe A Lot After Bowel Movement?

Question: Why Do I Have To Wipe A Lot After Bowel Movement?

Asked by Art Lewis

After a bowel movement I have to wipe a lot—sometimes using 1/4 role of toilet tissue--this is every time. I have had three colonscopies in the last ten years and they can not find anything wrong. I had surgery on my rectum for a cyst maybe 25 years ago and ever since I have had problems, but it has gotten worst in the last ten years. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Answer: It sounds like you have done your due diligence in pinpointing the issue, through colonoscopies, doctor visits and more. This could be a symptom of Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)-I encourage you to review this slideshow on IBD to see if any of these symptoms could also apply to you.

In these times of heavy bowel movements, do you hear your stomach talking to you? It could be trying to say something related to your condition. Following a healthy "stomach" diet could also help your heavy bowel movements subside.

Unfortunately, without knowing your entire medical history and reviewing your file, it would be difficult for me to pinpoint the issue and suggest a remedy. I urge you to speak with your doctor, and if you do not feel as though you got a sufficient answer then I suggest a second opinion.

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Answered By: Hope Trachtenberg-Fifer