Why Wont Anybody Help Me? Why Wont They Notice My Calls For Help?


Asked by Lauryn

Why Wont Anybody Help Me? Why Wont They Notice My Calls For Help?

I have told my mom and my brother that I want to kill my self. I want and need help. Im tired of living like this. why wont anyone help me? I hurt my self all the time and my mom still has to ask why. The pain gets worse everyday and the in the morning i dont want to get up. I didnt know how much playing my brothers Xbox affected my mornings but now I do know and I dont know if I can get through this next week because my brother has spring break. I know what ppl mean by the mornings r the worst. When I go to Sleep I dont ever want to wake up again. I know that this is suppose to happen because its what happened to my brother. but I know its My time to see my brother and sister after a decade of waiting to be with them again. Im tired of trying to get my family to help me. Im ready to take my own life.


Lauryn, I know I said this before to you, but I want to say it again - what happened to your brother does NOT mean it has to happen to you. You have a free will and you don't have to make the same choice he made. I'm sorry that he took his life and he might even be sorry now, especially when he sees how it has affected you. But it was not your fault and not your responsibility. Tell your parents you are afraid and that you need to see a doctor NOW. Or tell them you need to go to an emergency room. Also, think about how they would feel if they lost a third child. As a parent myself, I can tell you that it would be the worst pain I could think of. Maybe your mother doesn't seem to hear you because she is afraid of having to go through this again. If she won't get you help, can you call your therapist or your psychiatrist and say you are in a crisis? Perhaps they can get through to your mother.

Please let us know what you're going to do to keep yourself safe. We want to hear from you again.