Why Won't Doctors Give Pain Meds??


Asked by Karen

Why Won't Doctors Give Pain Meds??

Why won't doctors prescribe pain meds?? I have had daily migraine headaches since last July.. I have seen 3 ENT's and 3 Nuerologists. Two of the neurologists put me on topamax. This did absolutely no good and just made me stupid. This last one has put me on a beta-blocker. It's too early to tell I guess if it's going to work but I'm still having headaches everyday. But why is it that they all say to me..."we just want the medication to work"??? Well so do I , but I can't function with these daily headaches and they are unwilling to give me a pain med. I'm really having a hard time understanding how a dr. can look at you (hurting to the point of tears) and say, "I'm so sorry you are hurting. Good-bye now." OTC has zero effect...up to 6 Advil and nothing! Why is this okay with them and not one pain med pill?? I'm ready to order something off the internet just for some relief!



I've been in that position, and it's horrid to say the least.

Is there a specific pain medication you have in mind? If you're thinking of medications containing opioids / narcotics, I just wrote an article to answer that question. Please take a look at Opioids for Migraines - Why Not?

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Answered by Teri Robert