Why You Get Sore After You Exercise & Does It Mean You are Getting A Good Workout

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Dear Kenn,

Why do I get Sore When I exercise and does it mean I'm getting a good workout.


You get sore after you workout because your body is not used to the exercises you did.   The soreness is usually at its worst within the first couple of days and it should begin to subside over the next few days.

The technical term for it is Delayed onset muscle soreness or (DOMS) and even though the exact cause is still unknown research is showing that it's caused by tiny microscopic tears in your muscle fibers.   Your body is a wonderful machine, when it's challenged, the muscles respond to the training by building reinforcements above its previous strength.   What your body is doing right now even as you read this email is increasing the size of its muscle fibers.

Important to note:   Soreness is not  an effective way to measure the benefit of a training program.   So if you are not  feeling sore, this does not mean you did  not have a good workout. As long as you feel challenged, that's all your body needs to build more muscle and that's how you become a fat burning machine.

Relief from soreness:

  • Gentle stretching can provide some relief from soreness.
  • I'm not a big fan of popping pills for every thing.   But you can take anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce the soreness temporarily.
  • In my book the best way is a good old fashioned rub.   Massaging the muscle feels the best, so put your friends, family or better half to work.
  • Also remember to warm up before your next workout.   A good 5 minute warm-up will  really help with the soreness

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