Why men's noses are bigger than women's

Are bigger noses better? Depends whom you ask, but a new study published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology says bigger noses provide more oxygen to the body. And who has the bigger noses? Men.

A team from the University of Iowa recorded the nose size and growth of 38 participants of European descent in the Iowa Facial Growth Study. Participants were tracked from age three to their mid-twenties. Researchers took external and internal measurements at regular intervals of each participant’s nose.

The team found that men’s noses are around 10 percent larger than women’s in people of European descent. Researchers attributed the difference in size to the different physical builds and energy demands in each gender. Males tend to have more lean muscle mass, requiring more oxygen for muscle tissue growth and maintenance. The larger the nose, the more oxygen is transported into the bloodstream to supply the muscle. Even if a man and woman have the same body size, a male will have a larger nose because more of their body is made up of that muscle tissue. Boys and girls have the same size noses for the most part until puberty begins to hit around age 11, the study found.

This is the first longitudinal study to examine the relationship between nose size and body size in men and women.

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Sourced from: sciencedaily.com, The Big Male Nose: Why Men's Noses Are Bigger Than Women's