Wild Lettuce And Other Natural Sleep Remedies

Wild lettuce is a natural sedative that can ease sleepless nights.

by Leury Pichardo Health Writer

In this modern age, getting eight hours of sleep seems to be more of a luxury than a necessity. Busy lifestyles and demanding routines are becoming the norm, resulting in broken sleep patterns and an inability to get quality sleep. However, there are remarkably effective natural solutions to help prevent sleepless nights and ensure that your body gets the sleep that it deserves.

Most of us want a quick fix for pesky inconveniences, yet health issues usually require complex and time-intensive solutions. Fortunately, a sleepless night is one problem that can be solved by turning to nature. There are the classic fundamentals of healthy sleep, such as conditioning your body for bedtime, as well as wonderful sleep helpers from nature, such as chamomile tea, wild lettuce, and lavender.

Out of the many surprising natural sleep remedies, the standout superstar has to be wild lettuce — and no, this is definitely not your usual ingredient in salads. Wild lettuce is a natural sedative that soothes your body as much as it relaxes it. Its calming effect is extremely helpful in preventing sleepless nights, promoting healthier sleep, and keeping restlessness at bay. Wild lettuce is another name for Lactuca virosa, which is a plant found in the Punjab regions of Pakistan and India as well as in southern England. This all-star relaxant has been said to quell anxiety and soothe sore muscles.

Wild lettuce may not be as popular as chamomile tea, but it is certainly in a league of its own for sleep aids. Wild lettuce has also been used to help painful menstrual periods, joint pain, asthma, and excitability in children. In fact, its nickname is “lettuce opium.” And though it does have a sedating effect, there are no opiates in the plant, and it is completely legal. Wild lettuce is commonly accessible in supplement form.

Sleep is absolutely vital to our existence — it allows our bodies to rest completely, both physically and mentally, before another day of wear and tear. Our highly stressful modern environments demand that we rest adequately in order to keep our performance at peak levels. A lack of sleep usually results in a lot of nasty, preventable health conditions down the road. Check out a list of other natural remedies that fight insomnia, as well as these alternatives to OTC medications, to get the proper sleep that you deserve today.

Leury Pichardo
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