Will Allergies Make You Feel Somewhat Sick?


Asked by Princeaboo

Will Allergies Make You Feel Somewhat Sick?

I just feel a bit down, allergies are bad now. NO energy and my stomach feels a bit off. Only started this allergy crap 2 years ago, still learning. I take Zyrtec, and singulair. astilin veramist and nasacort. I have asthma too.

Thanks Nancy


Hi Nancy,

Sure, allergies can definitely make you feel unwell. Think about the fact that they can make your head stuffy, your nose runny, keep you from resting well at bedtime, and--if you have asthma as I do--make it difficult for you to breathe well, and of course you won't feel at your best.

If you have seasonal allergies, spring allergy season is in full swing right now in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Avoiding your triggers is essential. Check Pollen.com for accurate pollen counts in your area and stay indoors when they are high, especially in the early morning and on windy, hot, dry days.

Also, if you're not getting adequate relief from your medicine, you may want to explore other alternatives with your doctor. If you haven't consulted an allergist, think about doing so, as you'll get the best care there.

Finally, consider immunotherapy. Through regular injections, you can eventually decrease your allergic sensitivities and possibly eliminate your allergy symptoms.

To your health,


Answered by Kathi MacNaughton