Will Amitriptyline Cause Anger In Teenagers?


Asked by TeenMigraineSon

Will Amitriptyline Cause Anger In Teenagers?

My son has be diagnosed with Migraines and is taking Amitriptyline. His personality has changed where he is angry most of the time. Could this be a side affect of the Amitriptyline, or is this most likey because of the Migraines? His Migranes started about 9 months ago and he is 14 years old. He has been taking Amitriptyline for about 3 months and it seemed to help but he has recently had a number of Migraines since school has started back up.


Hi TeenMigraineSon,

I'm so sorry to hear about your son. Amitriptyline (it's brand name is Elavil) is an older medication often used for Migraine prevention. BUT, one of the potential side effects of this medication may be to become angry, cranky, easily upset, hostile, aggressive, restless, and hyperactive (mentally or physically), more depressed, or have thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself.

Having said that, if you son started these feelings soon after starting Amitriplyline,(or even soon after) you may want to call your doctor right away to discuss the problem. I'm sure your son doesn't want to be angry all the time.

Please let me know how you and your son make out, ok?

Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk