Will Anxiety Last Forever?


Asked by Nikkisweet

Will Anxiety Last Forever?

Hi, im 18, since the age of 7, iv suffered severe anxiety and its ruingin my life! I know what started the anxiety, but since then, its gotten worse everytime i go to start a relationship. I cant really describe my anxiety, but v taken 4 overdoses just because i feel asif im gong mad when i start feeling anxious!Its like i have a voice inside my head, andits an effort to smile or even talk to people, i try t tell myself il be ok, but i never am. Its worse in the mornngs, i wake up shakng with stomach cramps, at night just before i sleep is the only time feel peaceful. Im overcome with a big heavy weight of guilt that it makes me physically sick, and it goes on for months, Pleas tell me how i can sort this!?


Some good information from Eileen which I'm sure will help. My perspective is somewhat similar but I want to focus on a particular issue which is the cause of your anxiety. You haven't disclosed this for personal reasons but anxiety can have different forms and be treated in different ways. The reason I say this is because I'm speculating you may have a form of post-traumatic anxiety that may have been touched on by your useful counseling but then interrupted. This would suggest a return to therapy might be useful.

Anxiety is a natural part of the human condition. If you are able to master its more extreme nature there is every reason for you to be optimistic about the future.