Will Having Frequent Arrhythmias Shorten My Life Span?


Asked by Keri B.

Will Having Frequent Arrhythmias Shorten My Life Span?

I had SVT which was fixed with ablation a year ago, but now I suffer from what they think are PVCs. My HR ranges from 85-130 resting on a daily basis and my heart flip-flops in my chest alot. I don't have insurance, so I was not able to follow-up after my last ER visit and and get my holter monitor results, and I am not sure just how worried I should be. When the cardiologist I was supposed to see called after I missed my appointment to reschedule, I got nervous. I was hoping this was a fluke, but it's been going on now for months.


Hi Keri B.,

Your doctor would be the best resource for answering this question. Although you do not have insurance, you should follow up to get a better understanding of your current issues and to see if treatment is necessary. Here is an Arrhythmia Patient Guide that you may find helpful.

Good luck,

Karen McPartland, RD, CSSD