Will Having An Ovary Removed Cause Early Menopause?


Asked by RuthAnn

Will Having An Ovary Removed Cause Early Menopause?

I had one of my ovaries removed when I was 23. I am now 36 and seem to be having signs of menopause. Hot flashes, no period or if I do have one it may be after not having one for 5-6 months and then will be more like spotting. (I have also had my tubes tied so I am definately not pregnant). I also went through the LUPRON treatment for endometriosis which put me in a state of menopause for 6 months when I was 23.

I was wondering if the removal of the ovary will mean that I would go through menopause sooner than I would have if I had both my ovaries? I had read that you have all the eggs you will ever have when you are born so it seems logical that if one of those ovaries are removed, your eggs are reduced to half, thus "running out of viable eggs" sooner. I this true?

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Your ovaries are definitely linked to your hormones so removal of one ovary had an effect on your entire hormonal system. Was it enough to put you into early menopause? That's probably a question for your doctor. But since you didn't go into menopause right away, I'd say chances are that what you're going through now is not related to the removal of your ovary 13 years ago. Many women start feeling the effects of perimenopause in their mid-30s. It doesn't mean menopause is necessarily around the corner. Only true way to know is some tests done by your medical practitioner. Think of it this way--if you go into it early, you'll likely come out of it early too!

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Answered by Toni Hurst