Will Pravastatin Cause My Legs To Ache?


Asked by Jerry

Will Pravastatin Cause My Legs To Ache?

My legs ache most of the time.

When I walk on a treadmill I can do 15,or 20 min`s with some pain.When I try to run at the track my legs hurt so much the pain keeps me from runnin more than 1/8th of a mile.

Could this be a bad side effect of "Pravastatin"?

I`ve been takin this Statin for several years.

My "HDL" is 29.My "DLD" is 105.My total is 171....... I don`t yet know my triglycerides.My doctor will send me that info in a couple days.



Hello Jerry,

Muscle aches are a known side effect of statin drugs as you may know. You should definitely discuss these symptoms with your physician.

The side effects of statins are dose related; so if you have recently increased you dose, there is increased likelihood that statins are causing you muscle aches. Also, statins are metabolized in the liver, so newly onset liver diseases could increase the drugs level in your blood and cause more symptoms. These drug does not cause joint point, so if your knees or hips are hurting, then it is likely not caused by statins.

Note that other disease can cause leg pain with exercise, including spinal stenosis and vascular insufficiency in the legs.

Certainly, if your doctor tells you its okay to discontinue your statin and your muscle aching resolves, then it is almost definitely a medication side effect. Your personal physician, who knows your history and perform studies, will be able to help you determine the cause of your symptoms.

To your health,

Neil MD