Will Taking My Emergency Inhaler Help With Chest Pains?


Asked by AsthmaQuestion

Will Taking My Emergency Inhaler Help With Chest Pains?

I get tight and sharp episodic chest pains that can be concerning. If I take my fast-acting inhaler, will it help to relieve this symptom?


Your symptoms sounds like something you should speak with your physician about right away. He may want to do tests to make sure it is not your heart or something other than your lungs causing your chest pain. Usually asthma is not associated with the type of pain you describe.

Usually, the pain associated with asthma is more like a dull pain. There are no pain receptors in your lungs, but when you are having trouble breathing you use your accessory muscles to help you get more air in. Accessory muscles are muscles you do not normally use with normal respirations. Thus, when you use them, they will be sore -- kind of like when you work out for the first time in a long time.

Using a rescue inhaler may help you breath better, but it usually won't have an effect on chest pain (at least I wouldn't think so). However, if the pain is caused by asthma, it should go away with time.

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