Merely Me's MS Central Question of the Week!

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It's that time again!   Time for a new MS Central question.

But before I aks my question I want to tell you about some other sites here on Health Central just in case you are interested.

Along with Multiple Sclerosis I also suffer from depression and I write all about my experiences on My Depression Connection.   It is a very nice community just like here.   We already have some MSers who are members there such as Lady Gray Cloud.   So come on over if you have the chance.   It has become a real support group for me there.

You can also find me  on Health Central's Sexual Health site.   We are all sexual creatures.   It is a big broad topic.   I am trying to get some discussions going on over there as well as more diversity in answering the many questions we receive.   So I do welcome you to come on write a sharepost or ask or answer questions.   Just follow this link.

Before I had children I had gotten my Master's in Special Education.   I worked in the field for over ten years before making that decision to stay home with my kids.   My education was not wasted.   My youngest son has autism.   It has been an adventure to say the least.   It is my greatest dream to help other parents who have a child who has special needs.   And so I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to write on Health Central's ADHD site   as well as the Friend's of Quinn site.

I want to make a difference.   I have always wanted to help people ever since I was a little girl.   This is the way that I heal...through my writing and by reaching out to others.   Honestly...sometimes I don't know why I have always followed this path.   But I feel strongly that this is the direction I am to go.

Whatever you are going through...there are resources out there to help.   Health Central is one place to go when you need information and support.

Okay now for a question!

Do you feel that there will be a cure for Multiple Sclerosis in our future?   And do you think this is likely as there is so much money invested in MS medications which do not cure (at this point in time) but merely propose to delay the progression of this disease?

Call me a skeptic but what motivation is there  to find  a cure when there is so much money to be had in long term medication use?   If we were cured of this disease then we might not need all these medications.   Or am I being too pessimistic and cynical?

Tell us your thoughts...we want to hear them!