Willy Loman, Nutrients & a Cure For ADD?

Patient Expert

It doesn't matter what virus, disease, handicap or challenge people face, there is a constant medical and scientific quest to find a cure for whatever challenges the human condition. This holds true for ADD/ADHD as well. I'm not a doctor, but I sure have dedicated a lot of time and effort over the last eight years into learning, understanding and winning my battle against ADD.

Recently, I just may have stumbled across what I call my own ADD cure. I know: cure is a strong word, I use it loosely, a little tongue-in-cheek if you will. However, the results I have achieved are pretty hard to argue against and I don't feel like I have ADD sometimes now. Back in December of last year, I started a 30 day nutrition challenge to really take it up to the next level in winning my battle against ADD. I am absolutely thrilled with the results My focus, concentration and ability to manage ADD is at an all-time high! This process and the products I use really work.

My process includes ADD Coaching, constantly working on life skills, learning about ADD, plenty of exercise, great foods and nutritional supplements. This is no smooth line from a travelling salesman like Willy Loman, although Willy isn't likely a good example of a salesman, is he! After all, Willy was a failure in sales and didn't exactly spill over with confidence. I wonder if the great  American playwright Arthur Miller intended to make Willy display symptoms of ADD? Well, my experience is real, and it's not written by Arthur Miller. Here is what I have accomplished in my winning battle against ADD:

  • Refined and healthier eating habits

  • Better foods that digested easier and works in conjunction with maximizing my metabolism

  • Balanced food planning that meets my busy life demands

  • Better foods that offered me enough complex carbohydrates, the brain food!

  • Greater focus & concentration

  • More energy

  • No energy crashes

  • I feel better, every day...like a million bucks!

I have taken on a two-step health and nutrition change in my life. Step one was the consumption of proper foods with a focus on adding more complex carbs (the brain food)! The second step was starting to use some high-end and powerful nutrient-rich health products and drinks, which has resulted in my improved mental and physical performance. Along with other health and nutrition products, my normal vitamins, omega-3 fish oil and a consistent exercise program, I have achieved incredible results in winning the battle against ADD.

My health drink features a deluge of natural ingredients that have demonstrated benefits for my body. Most of the ingredients included are not typically found on your average grocery shelf. Among them are herbs and natural substances, some of them quite rare that provide powerful adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. This drink is made up of Wolfberry, Nepali Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Licorice root, Shizandra berry, Ginger, Amla berry, Eleuthero root, Siberian Golden root, Suma and Maca root. All but Maca root are recognized as herbal adaptogens and most have been used extensively in Ayurvedic or traditional Chinese medicine.

The health drink also includes plenty of antioxidant protection for the body, much of which comes from the berries and herbs included in the product as well as alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin C. My energy, focus and concentration is sustained throughout the day and I have no more energy crashes at around 2:30 every afternoon. I have better mental clarity, I'm now able to focus on tasks at hand and think much more clearly.

Here is my daily routine:

Pre Breakfast - As soon as I get up a have one ounce of my health drink and a glass of water. It's loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and a world of health. I'll give it 15 minutes to digest, then it's time for breakfast.

Breakfast - I start my day with a shake containing a cup of frozen blueberries or mango, one heaping table spoon of flax seed, two scoops of my health shake mix, one scoop of greens and one or two cups of water (depends how thin or thick you like the beverage).

Morning Snack - Food that works for me are, almonds, celery, granola with yogurt, apple, pear, Wasa crackers with almond/peanut butter, veggies.

Lunch - I have a salad almost every day, where I go very light on the dressing. Things like greens, cucumber, peppers, beats, chick peas, egg whites, grapes, avocado topped with chicken or fish. I will also have some brown rice or a piece of flax bread.

Afternoon snack - Same as the morning snack.

Dinner - Veggies are almost always on the menu. In addition, things like brown rice, chicken, fish are great and I might eat beef once a week. Yams are great and if you have pasta, use vegetable or rice pasta only.

Bedtime - A cleansing drink, 2 ounces (loaded with vitamins).

Unfortunately, the medical and scientific world has yet to create the magic pill that cures ADD/ADHD. However, I think I have the next best thing until that happens, especially for me. This simply offers further support to what many of us have read and learned for years about ADD/ADHD: proper food, nutrition, exercise and self growth is not only important in life for all, but it is paramount in winning the battle against ADD/ADHD. If we do everything we can, it dramatically improves the odds of winning that battle and will improve the quality of our lives.