I Woke up with a Bruise on my Nipple. Could It be Cancer?


Asked by angela29

I Woke Up With A Bruised Nipple. Is There Any Cause For This - Besides Cancer?

I woke up yesterday with a greenish-blue bruise on my areola. I'm not breastfeeding, haven't had any recent injuries, and there are no lumps or pain in my breast. But I have a strong family history of cancer; my mother had breast cancer before she was 50. I searched online and and all I get for nipple bruising is inflammatory breast cancer. Is there any cause for a bruise on your nipple besides cancer? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.


Please don't panic. Your breasts are very sensitive, especially the nipple area. Even a small pinch of bump, something you may not have noticed, can cause a bruise. Usually inflammatory breast cancer presents as a cluster of symptoms. While bruising can be one symptom, redness, swelling, pain and/or tenderness are most common, and usually develop very quickly.

If this heals like a regular bruise, then you don't have to worry about inflammatory breast cancer. If it doesn't heal, then you'll want to talk to your doctor about the possibility of a biopsy. Your mother's diagnosis with a premenopausal breast cancer does raise your risk of breast cancer somewhat. At some point you might ask about genetic testing, and/or seeing a genetic counselor who can explain the details of how the cancer in your family affects you.

I'm glad you're seeing the doctor; he or she may do some tests, or may simply tell you to watch and wait, to see if it goes away. Either way, you'll know you're doing everything you can to be responsible about your health.

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