Can A Woman Achieve Orgasm From Exercise?


Asked by briwalk

Can A Woman Achieve Orgasm From Exercise?

If I work out on a particular machine at the gym, it causes me to have an orgasm. It's the one where you hang by the arms on what look like bike handlebars and pull your knees to your chest. These orgasms are actually better than the ones I have from sex. I just want to know if anyone else has heard of this or experienced it for themselves?


it's possible and a small subset of the female population even gets 'spontaneous orgasms" without any stimulation. Most of them do not feel lucky because it can interfere with normal life and get :out of control." In your case - it sounds "lucky.' Anything that would help people exercise more is a good thing, right? I don't think it's abnormal at all, and many women report similar things.

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