Can A Woman Who Has Had A Hysterectomy Get Pid


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Can A Woman Who Has Had A Hysterectomy Get Pid



It seems that some women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease may opt to get a hysterectomy to get rid of this disease.

But here is what this women's health site has to say on this topic:

"A hysterectomy removes the uterus (womb) and usually the cervix. A hysterectomy may reduce pelvic pain, and is likely to get rid of PID, but there is no guarantee. If the infection or scarring is outside of the womb, for example, a hysterectomy will be of no use."

And too, here is some information about how some women continue to have pelvic pain after having a hysterectomy.

I do think this is a question best answered by your doctor or gynecologist.

Hope this helps some.

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