Women attracted to "low-voiced men who cheat"

A deep voice is often perceived as sensual and masculine. Remember Barry White? And now, a new study, published in _Personality and Individual Differences, _concludes that women are more attracted to men with low-pitched voices, despite the belief that men with those kind of voices are more likely to be cheaters.

Researchers from McMaster University in Ontario asked 87 women to rate a range of male voices. The voices were electronically manipulated to sound high or low. The women were asked to choose which voices sounded like a man who would cheat, and which they would be more attracted to for a long-term or short-term relationship.

The women preferred the low-pitched voices for a short-term relationship, and also picked those voices as probable cheaters. The researchers noted these results may reflect that women have evolved to protect themselves from long-term partners who are unfaithful.


Sourced from: medicalnewstoday.com, Women 'attracted to low-voiced men who cheat'