Women who pump iron cut diabetes risk

Women who lift weights, in addition to regular aerobic workouts, cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as a third, according to new research published in PLoS Medicine.

The Harvard Medical School study tracked the health of approximately 100,000 U.S. nurses over eight years. The women were mostly Caucasian and self-reported the amount of exercise they did, as opposed to having it being tracked.

The results showed that women who did at least 150 minutes a week of aerobic activity on top of an hour a week of muscle-strengthening activities cut their risk of diabetes by a third, the biggest risk reduction compared with inactive women.

The researchers advised adults to do muscle-strengthening exercises at least twice a week and to get regular aerobic exercise, such as jogging, brisk walking or swimming.

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Sourced from: BBC, Pump it up! Weightlifting 'cuts diabetes risk in women'