Women's Health Week: May 14-20, 2017


In honor of National Women’s Health Week May 14-20, 2017, HealthCentral is calling out to our women readers: This week is all about you. Your body. Your mind. Your life.

Each day of the week, we will present a new theme on social media, focusing our conversation around that topic to help you be proactive and informed about your health. So what’s in store?

Daily Themes

SuperMom Sunday: May 14 is Mother’s Day-- what better way to kick off Women’s Health Week than by celebrating the moms in our lives? Look out for posts on pregnancy and all things motherhood, like this article on 10 ways to improve your sleep while pregnant.

Mental Health Monday: On Monday, we’re putting the focus on our emotional and mental health. Did you know that depression and anxiety affect women to a greater extent than men, according to the World Health Organization? Let’s make some time to talk about these important issues.

Tasty Tuesday: Hungry, anyone? Maybe you’re feeling a bit parched? We’ve got you covered with the best recipes for delicious — and healthy — foods and drinks. Can’t wait for Tuesday for a taste? Check out these 5 Healthy Dark Chocolate Recipes.

Woman Crush Wednesday: On Wednesday, we’re highlighting our #WCWs, from our #LiveBoldLiveNow heroes to other awesome ladies who are raising awareness for different health conditions, like Traci’s inspiring story about attempting to break a world kayaking record with rheumatoid arthritis.

Think Ahead Thursday: When it comes to the biggest health issues affecting women today, education and prevention are key. From heart health to breast cancer, we’ll provide you with important information about your risk factors, screening, and prevention strategies. For example, did you know women experience different heart attack symptoms than men? Make sure you know the signs.

Fitness Friday: Got that Friday feeling? It’s time to get moving. On this day, we’ll bring you our best exercise tips, including an easy-to-follow workout in GIF form. Hot tip: Don’t miss our Facebook Live with fitness instructor (and SuperMom) Jaime Galinsky at 1:30 p.m. EST on Friday!

Let’s Talk About Sex Saturday: Yep, we said it. This Saturday we’re going to talk about your sexual health, from your birth control options to what you need to know about protecting yourself from STDs. Don’t be shy — who says talking about sex has to be taboo?

How Can I Follow Along?

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Want to get involved in the conversation? Use the hashtag #HCWomensHealth. We can’t wait to chat with you!