I Work For A Boss Who Has The Typical Symptoms Of Adhd. Any Tips On How To Cope?


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I Work For A Boss Who Has The Typical Symptoms Of Adhd. Any Tips On How To Cope?

I work for a boss who has the typical symptoms of ADHD (although she does not acknowledge it). She blames others, has frequent temper flare-ups and shouts at co-workers, doesn't recall past conversations, cannot concentrate on work etc. I have tried leaving notes regarding important work issues, but she either ignores them, or sometimes simply throws them away (without realizing its meaning). Help! What more can I do? The psychological stress in our office is at its peak....


Thank you for your question and welcome to ADHDCentral.com.

It sounds like it is rather stressful at your workplace. I am sorry, I know how difficult it is to work at a job when the stress level is high.

There must be some reason this women was promoted into the position she is in, therefore, she must have some strengths, some area she is good at what she does. I am not sure what you do or how much authority you have, but is it possible for others to take over some of the details of the job, those areas she is not very good at.

Many times adults with ADHD are used to not doing well and are always fighting to succeed. In some ways they work harder than everyone else to try to keep up. This creates frustration and worry. This is probably where blaming others and temper flare-ups come from. It could be feeling she isn't good enough and the stress of always having to prove she is capable of doing the job.

As far as leaving notes, etc. I would begin by making copies of notes left, or stop at an office supply store and get one of the memo tablets that have a carbon copy. This way any notes you leave, there will be a record of any communication. You can also make a record of conversations in the memo book and keep a copy so you know what was talked about and the date.

The following are articles on surviving on the job with ADHD. It is written to the adult with ADHD but may give you some suggestions and may help explain some of the behaviors you are seeing:

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Answered by Eileen Bailey