Work Makes Us Unhappy

As much as we may try to convince ourselves that we love our work – we don’t.

At least that’s the conclusion of researchers from the University of Sussex and London School of Economics. What’s more, they found that the only thing that makes us more unhappy than our job is being sick.

The study used an app called Mappiness to find how happy people were at random times of the day. It checks in on users to see how happy they are at different times and during different activities. Mappiness sends notifications to users’ phones up to five times a day, and asks them to answer short surveys in which they rate how happy, relaxed, and awake they are.

Over a million responses were included in the study, which revealed that being at work caused happiness levels to drop up to 8 percent compared to other activities outside of the office.

Adding weight to this finding, a recent Gallup poll found as many as 70 percent of employees in the U.S. weren’t happy with their job. The poll suggested millennials were particularly unhappy because they felt they couldn’t use their talents and strengths to their full potential.

"Although we may be positive about our jobs when reflecting on the meaning and purpose they give us, and the money they provide, actually engaging in paid work comes at a significant psychological cost,” said Mappiness creator Dr. George MacKerron, an economist at the University of Sussex.

"It appears that work is highly negatively associated with momentary well-being ... at any given moment, we would rather be doing almost anything else."

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Sourced from: Medical Daily, The Mappiness App Finds If People Are Sick In Bed Or Working, They Are Unhappy