Working As A Nurse With Schizophrenia


Asked by withhopeswithdreams

Working As A Nurse With Schizophrenia

given the duties as a nurse, is it advisable to work as a nurse given my condition? does anyone know of people working as a nurse having schizophrenia? i had one episode but that was it and i do not have a replaspe as i take my medication on a daily basis. i do hear voices sometimes but that does not interfere with my daily living. i am currently taking a math degree but i would like to work in healthcare industry and am considering a nursing degree after my math degree.


Hello with hopes with dreams,

I support you 100 percent.

You will never know until you try what you are capable of doing.

I would advise that whatever career you embark on you do not disclose you have schizophrenia to your employer because of the possibility of great stigma and discrimination.

As long as you are able to function well and take your medication every day as prescribed, I see no reason why you shouldn't try to achieve whatever your dream goal is.

For one: I decided to get a Masters degree and went back to school 10 years after I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and now I have a professional job.

So I see no reason why you can't do this although I will suggest you don't overburden yourself with your course load and your day job. Make sure to utilize your support network while you are in school.

Also: you could write SharePosts here to get support and ask any other Questions that come to mind while you are negotiating living your daily life and school life with schizophrenia.

I say you deserve to try because I know of a psychiatrist who has schizophrenia and a CEO of corporations who had schizophrenia and an attorney who has schizophrenia. And if you fail, there's no shame in that because it wasn't meant to be and there's something else you were meant to do.

The best of luck to you!



Answered by Christina Bruni