Worried About Intermittent Burning Sensation In One Breast


Asked by CatLuvr

Worried About Intermittent Burning Sensation In One Breast

I get a burning sensation in my left breast mainly when I wear a bra. The feeling is usually on the right side but it does sometimes move around. I am overweight and my breasts are large. My last mammogram and ultrasound on that breast was 17 months ago for what turned out to be an infection.

When I don't wear a bra, my left breast feels ok although I did have some pain (not burning) in that side in the weeks leading up to my period.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Catluvr: It's good that you're paying attention to pain in your breast; you should always be aware of how your breasts feel, and notice any changes. That said, pain is usually NOT a sign of breast cancer. Unless your breast is also red, hot, swollen, and perhaps itchy, the pain is probably an indication of something else. If, as you said, it seems to be connected to your periods, then it could very well be hormonal. But, might as well go have it checked out - why live with pain when it's perhaps something that can be dealt with? Good luck -PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel