I Am Worried About My Sugar Levels Being So High


Asked by brenda

I Am Worried About My Sugar Levels Being So High

I have bronchitis and for the past few days my sugar levels have gotten very high, morning before eating 370, after eat 521. My levels usually run around 130-140. I was just put on Topamax two weeks ago and I have no appetite. I am trying to eat Black beans, brown rice, salsa for dinner. Steal oats for breakfast and smoothie for lunch with no sugar, no milk. I just started taking my actoplus- Met again since my sugar went so high. What could be causing my sugar levels to be going so high? Last night I did go to the ER and they did put me on a steroid and I know it causes sugar levels to go higher and I am afraid to take it because of this.


Hi Brenda,

I'm actually have type 1 diabetes, but I can tell you there are several things driving your blood sugar thru the roof. One is the infection, two is the steroid, three is the rice, black beans and salsa! Rice will drive your blood sugar up dramatically!!

You need to eat extremely low carb for the moment. Lowering your carbs will help bring down the blood sugar. Smoothies still have fruit and fructose is a sugar, so it may be sneaky carbs that are getting you! Here's a link to Dr. Bernstein's site and he has some recipes for you to browse: http://www.diabetes-book.com/

Read some of David Mendosa's blogs on food choices that may give your some ideas, as will Gretchen Barker's posts, both are here on healthcentral!

You need to call your endocrinologist, cde or whatever doctor you see for diabetes and have a conversation about your numbers ASAP. Make sure you are writing them down so they can see your blood sugar trends, this may help them to know what insulin adjustment you need.

Answered by Ann Bartlett