Worry Is a Serious Problem for Kids

Ah, childhood—the carefree time of life! Not so fast. A small study involving 700 ten- and 11-year-olds in the UK showed that almost two-thirds worry "all the time." Common causes of worry among tweens include the well-being of family and friends and school work.

According to researchers, 40 percent of kids said that worrying interferes with school, almost 30 percent said they ca'’t stop worrying once they start, and about 21 percent said they don't know what to do when they are worried. The study also showed gender differences—more girls than boys worry about being bullied and about the way they look, and more boys worry about being angry.

In children who worry, the most common way to cope is to talk to family members and friends. According to kids in the study, it's important to be kind to friends who are anxious or worried and the best way for adults to help is to listen sympathetically.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: BBC