Worsening Conditions For Hiatal Hernia


Asked by kntryangel

Worsening Conditions For Hiatal Hernia

is it necessary to go to the ER if you have a hiatus hernia and you have developed new symptoms such as difficulty breathing while sitting down or after eating, diarrhea since new symptoms (5 days now) pain and pressure in chest,left arm, neck and a headache everyday, extreme dizziness to the point of passing out when trying to take a deep breath or when I cough, cough is new too. since yesterday my whole stomach is tender to touch


Sometimes the problem with having a diagnosis is that we figure all of our symptoms are due to that diagnosis. While this is likely, you don't want to take a chance with symptoms such as yours. Unfortunately, as you probably know the symptoms of gastro/hiatal hernia are similar to those for heart problems. You don't want to make a bad assumption and not be checked if you are indeed having a heart attack. Better safe than sorry!!!!


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