Worst Jobs for Diabetics

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Just for fun... I thought I would compile this list.

You know how on aol and other sites they occasionally have random features like "Top 10 worst foods" or "Top 5 highest paying jobs," etc., etc.?

There are some jobs that you actually are not allowed to do if you have diabetes, because of physical demands -- one of those jobs is being an air force pilot. But I was thinking about what would just plain suck, or be really annoying, if you had diabetes.

Here is what i came up with:

  1. Professional athlete - we all know why I have this opinion :) Yea, yea it would be fun to be a great sports star, but seriously, having diabetes just makes it sooo complicated... and there are honestly very few successful athletes that I know of with Type 1. There is that olympic skier Kris Freeman, swimmer Gary Hall, and a football player or two, plus others that some of you know. I have to give credit to these guys

  2. Pastry Chef - How on earth could you be around yummy desserts all day and keep your blood sugars managed? I do not have that kind of self control. As a matter of fact, every time I bake cookies (or brownies, or anything), which I do very often because I have a major sweet tooth and love baking, my sugars skyrocket because I can't resist tasting some of the dough or licking the batter! And half the chocolate chips don't even make it into the dough, they just go straight in my mouth... Could you imagine making sweets all day for a living?

3. Desk job - Now of course I guess this job is not that bad for anybody, but sitting all day and not getting exercise does not help with our insulin sensitivity, making it harder to keep blood sugars in range. I think it is better to be in a profession where you have to do some walking around.

4. Model - Where are we supposed to put our pumps? At an all-day photo shoot one would probably have to connect and diconnect multiple times between pictures and costume changes. What a hassle.

5. Truck Driver - out on the road all day, eating fast food, all by yourself...sounds like misery. First of all you have to be really careful about managing your blood sugars while driving, since hypoglycemia could lead to a deadly accident. Driving on interstates for hours on end also is just not a healthy lifestyle, because you cannot get exercise but you still get tired, and you can't eat any healthy meals!

Ok..so that's all I could think of for now. These are just my opinions, and they are not supported by any research or anything, so if you disagree, just let me know! (Am I the only one who thinks of random stuff like this? :))