Xanax Vs. Cymbalta


Asked by cindi

Xanax Vs. Cymbalta

hi, i have been taking an antianxiety drug since i was 18 , for background info my mom took valium for years and ggrandmother took librium most her life, i had serious panic attacks since i can remember, sometimes brought to the hospital, eveb in my adult years, because family thought i was having a heart attack or stroke, but i was tested and cofirmed it was anxiety attacks. a CNA is managing my meds right now, because i was afraid with the meds i was taking that all of them taken together might be more dangerous than not. she has been decreasing my xanax ( i have never had any problems taking them, they in fact help me). she has been upping the dosage on the cymbalta because she feels i am taking too high a dosage of xanax 6mg-8mg a day. i am afraid that going on a different medication and UPPING that dosage is just contraditionary to trying to decrease my dosage of xanax, i am now down to 5 mg. and just am starting to feel a bit anxious, i know you are to stick to the recommended dosage, but because of circumstances in my life, i have taken 6mg., so which means i will runout sooner than i should. in the summer i had 2 seizures because of the lowering of the dosage, now i can tell you my sob story about my mom and dad both passing in 2 years and the way they passed, but i was distrauaght, and took 1 mg. more than the recommended dosage, came up short 2 times and had seizures because i didn't have the xanax, i know this sounds like an addiction and it probably is, but this was the first time this has happened to me in all the years i have been taking xanax. i am just asking if it works, why mess with it? and i hear about all the side affects from cymbalta and wonder if this is the right thing to do? i really would appreciate an answer when you have time. could it be possible that the women in my family are just high strung, since my mom and grandmother both were taking anti anxiety meds? one doctor said maybe i need a high dosage, i know i have asked a few questios here but i really would like to know, thank you, cindi



Thank you for your question and welcome to AnxietyConnection.com

First, I am so very sorry for the loss of both your mother and father. What a terrible ordeal to have gone through.

Anxiety often runs in families and in fact, 50% of people with panic disorder and 40% of people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) have a close family member that also has anxiety. This could explain why your mother and your grandmother both were treated for anxiety.

Since I am not a medical professional, I would not be able to recommend or give advice on your questions regarding your medication. You should speak directly to the CNA overseeing your prescriptions about your concerns and ask her why she is choosing to decrease a medication that you feel comfortable with and have been using for a long time. By discussing the situation, you may be better able to understand and would be more apt to follow what she has prescribed.

It is important for you to talk with her about taking extra medication. In order for her to properly treat you she needs to know exactly what you are taking as well as situations in your life that are causing additional stress.


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