Year End Flu Update - It's National Flu Vaccine Week!

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Have you had your flu shot yet? If not, you should get one as soon as possible. Flu season is almost upon us, if it hasn't already arrived in your area Every person who has asthma (as well as their family members) should get a flu shot every single fall.

As a person with asthma, you are not any more at risk of getting the flu. But you ARE at greater risk of having severe complications from the flu, because it is a respiratory illness and your respiratory system is already compromised by your asthma.

Flu vaccines come in both a shot form and a nasal inhalation form. But the nasal form has live virus, while the shot form has killed virus. Therefore, asthma patients should only get the flu shot, not the nasal vaccine, as that will be safer for your lungs. But the good news is there are different types of shots available. Surely one of those will be right for you?

For more info on flu shots for asthmatics, check out this interview I did with a CDC expert:

2011-2012 Season This week (Dec. 4th to 11th) is _National Influenza Vaccination Week. _ The Centers for Disease Control want you to know that it's not too late to vaccinate! They say that, "As long as flu viruses are spreading and causing illness, vaccination can provide protection against the flu."

As of the last reported week (which was the end of November), flu incidence was still pretty light across the U.S., but you can keep tabs on things in your area by looking at this interactive map:

In Summary

So, in short, be good to yourself this season and get that flu shot. Remember, the Flu ends with U... get a flue vaccine, not the flu!