7 Year Old Boy With Lump In His Breast.....


Asked by acmcnee

7 Year Old Boy With Lump In His Breast.....

My 7 year old son's left nipple area has been slightly swollen for the past 2 weeks. Tonight he told me that his heart hurts right under where his nipple is. His nipple is still slightly swollen, but today it looked worse. When I touched it, I felt a lump about the size of a small pea under the skin. The fact that this issue first surfaced two weeks ago and seems to be getting worse has me concerned. Today he has been running a fever with the cold sweats off and on - but also has belly ache - don't know if its all connected or not....I see different sites talking about this happening in boys at the onset of puberty . . .but he is only 7. Any ideas? Should I rush him to his pediatrician? Thank you.



This sounds like it could be some sort of infection. Since he is so young, it would be more likely to be a skin problem than a hormone problem. Maybe he initially had some sort of scratch or cut that got infected. It's not unusual for women to develop an abscess that feels like a lump under their nipple. I don't know if that is common in children or not. Because of the fever, I would recommend calling the doctor. If the fever is high, call right away; someone will be on call. Otherwise, you could wait until office hours start.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson