Could My 16 Year Old Daughter Have Breast Cancer


Asked by scared to death in nj

Could My 16 Year Old Daughter Have Breast Cancer

my daughter came to me and told me she had a lump in her breast. felt it and made appointment right away. doctor sent us to have a mamogram and ultrasound. they wouldn't do ultra sound said she was to yound didn't believe it would turn out right. she had the ultrasound the ultra sound found she did have a nodule in her breast and they said we should have a biopsy or remove it. i feel we should have a biopsy first to find out what it may be. am i wrong or should i have have it removed. am i putting her at risk for not having it removed first. i'm scared to death.all kinds of cancer runs in my family and i lost my mother to leukemia at age 36. please help me make the right decision.


Hi - If the nodule is very small, they may want to remove the whole thing, as it might be just as simple as doing a biopsy. if it's large, then yes, you might want to have a biopsy first, to see what's up. I know this is a scary time, but it's virtually impossible for your daughter to have cancer at age 16; her chance is less than 1 in a million. Yes, it's possible; just very improbable. So please continue with the diagnostic process, but I hope you can take a deep breath, consider the odds, and stay positive, OK? Good luck to you both, and I hope things turn out well for you. - PJH

P.S. Your mother dying of leukemia would have no bearing on your daughter's breast health; only breast or ovarian cancer in an immediate relative increases breast cancer risk.

Answered by PJ Hamel