My 2 Year Old Daughter Has Recently Started Rubbing/itching Her Eyes


Asked by shyanmay

My 2 Year Old Daughter Has Recently Started Rubbing/itching Her Eyes

they are now inflamed and red and irritated. We went to the doctor and said text book allergies were the problem. Recently my parents came to visit with two pug dogs and it seems like that was the time all this started. When my daughter was born she lived with the same dogs for the first 4 months then we moved away. We vacationed with them for 1 month in November and no issues then either. How do I know if it's the dogs or other things. We live in Nevada and much is in bloom. We have tried drops, benadryl, zyrtec. What should we do. My parents and the dogs are here for 2 months and my daughter looks like she has gotten punched in both eyes. Her actual eyes don't look red but she WON"T STOP ITCHING.... Thanks


Hi Shyanmay, Your account of your daughter's symptoms does sound like ocular allergy (allergy of the eyes). I would need to fully evaluate her in order to confirm her diagnosis. When symptoms fail to respond to multiple medications a specialist should get involved. Ideally, you could get her in to see an allergist right away. An eye specialist would be another alternative. Unfortunately, there may be some delay in this process, if the local allergist or ophthalmologist (eye doctor) is very busy, so you may need to take her back to your primary doctor for further advice, or get an opinion from another primary doctor. Once you have had her re-evaluated I recommend you consider dog avoidance and dust mite controls. See these links: Dust Mite Controls & Regarding Pet Avoidance

Good Luck! J. Thompson, MD

Answered by James Thompson, M.D.