20 Year Old Female With Blood Pressure 138/90


Asked by kenziesmommy

20 Year Old Female With Blood Pressure 138/90

I am at 20 year old female. I had a child a year ago and I had pre eclampsa. Now my blood pressure is on average this week is 138/90 is this normal?

I get migrane headaches...

I also see like shadows out of the corner of my eyes..

Atleast 5 times a day my vision gets blurry....

And sometimes I see completely black for like 10 secs

can anyone help my drs think I'm crazy

The highest it has been this week just randomly checking it 3 times a day was 140/90

When I was pregnant I had to have her a month early because they were afraid we were gonna die...When I went into the hospital that night the lowest my blood pressure was with medicine was 159/103


Hi Kenziesmommy,

Congratulations on your little one! I have two recommendations:

1. Seek a second opinion. - Any time you are not satisfied with the care you're receiving from your physician, there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

2. Take steps to lower your levels naturally. - A blood pressure of 138/90 is elevated and needs to be treated. At this level, making diet and lifestyle changes can be effective. I recommend you look at the DASH diet, it is very effective at lower blood pressure levels.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN