I'm A 15-year-old Girl, Do I Have Breast Cancer?


Asked by marisa1212

I'm A 15-year-old Girl, Do I Have Breast Cancer?

I noticed a lump on my breast a couple of months ago. It's hard, and sometimes if I press it it hurts, and other times it doesn't. I understand that it's extremely unlikely I'd have breast cancer at this age, but I'm still concerned. Could I have breast cancer or, if not, what do you think it is?


As you said, your age makes it very, very, VERY unlikely you have breast cancer; in fact, breast cancer is so rare at your age that statisticians don't even track it. For more on your risk of breast cancer as a teen, please read our message to teens about breast cancer. What you're feeling is most probably the natural lumpiness that happens as your breasts grow during puberty. These lumps (called breast buds) can come and go as your breasts grow. Our teen guide to breast development offers all kinds of great information about puberty, and how your breasts will change as you grow.

That said, I'd mention this lump to your mom or, if that's not possible, the school nurse. They can decide if they think you can keep your eye on it, or if you should get it checked out, OK? Good luck.

Answered by PJ Hamel