40 Year Old Male With Severe Osteoporsis


Asked by Debs

40 Year Old Male With Severe Osteoporsis

My 40 year old healthy husband has just been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. So far only low testosterone is the link. We are looking for any information on young males with severe osteoporosis to get educated on treatment. Please help


Hi Debs: Sorry to hear about your husband...

Osteoporosis treatments in men are realitively the same as in women. Here's an article from Dr. Gonter on this subject. Also see the link within the above article from Craig Stoltz, Health Writer here at OsteoporosisConnection.com.

If you are looking for a support group for men, there are a few that can be found through the NOF (National Osteoporosis Foundation) and also through a search on male osteoporosis.

Good luck...

Answered by Pam Flores