21 Year Old Noticed Brown Waterish Discharge From Left Nipple..with No Lumps Or Anything! Help??!


Asked by Coetzee1

21 Year Old Noticed Brown Waterish Discharge From Left Nipple..with No Lumps Or Anything! Help??!

Hi everyone! i'm new to this! I need some help/information about brown waterish discharge for my left nipple! I am a healthy 21 year old with an active lifestyle! About more than a month ago i noticed there was a small brown stain on my t-shirt where my nipple is, but i thought it was only something that spilled on it..i guess not! Then this morning i saw it again when i woke up and when i squeezed the nipple a small amount brown discharged appeared...i waited a few hours and checked again, but there was nothing< even when i squeezed it! I am a 34 a-b. I have no lumps in my breast, no pain and nothing else irregular....! Although when i lifted my lift arm and pressed in my armpit, it was a bit sensitive , but there is NO lump. I am going overseas the 29th and don't want to worry my mom unneccasary! Then there is something else i noticed also a while ago! while i was waxing i felt an small hard marble like knot on both side of my vagina, it slightly moves around when i touch it! it is not sore or doenst pain at all, and my preiod is regular and normal! Is there something wrong? I have no symptoms or discomfort that interferes with any of my daily activities and i go to the gym 4-5 times a week! please help me with any information whatsoever!


Hi - Can't advise you on the vagina issue, but you should get the discharge checked out. Usually, nipple discharge is nothing to worry about, especially at your age. But discharge such as you describe - brownish, and spontaneous (i.e., it happens without you squeezing your nipple) should be examined and diagnosed. Your doctor may want to do a ductogram, which is a fairly simple, painless procedure that looks inside your nipple to see what's going on. It could be a small, benign growth (think something like a wart), which is producing some irritation and bleeding; or it could be an early sign of breast cancer - though, as I say, at your age this is very unlikely. So, please call your doctor, describe the symptoms just as you did here, and tell him/her you're traveling in the near future, and are wondering if you need to be seen right away, or if it's OK to wait. Best of luck to you - and safe travels. PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel