44 Year-old Tailbone Injury


Asked by ktaylor4jc

44 Year-old Tailbone Injury

I am now 60. When I was 16, I had an accident while on a skateboard where I fell and landed square on my tailbone. I did not feel pain when I hit the ground, only a 'spreading-out' of the tailbone that felt as if there was sand in the area instead of a bone mass. When I went to stand, I could not stand up straight and had to walk 'sway-backed' which lasted about 3-4 days. No medical attention was received and I have had severe pain in the lower back for the last few years. I'm experiencing the pain moving up the spinal area now to the area above the waist. I also have TMJ so there are times when I can't move much.

My doctor is giving me 'darvocet' and 'tramadol' but it's not helping much.

What kind of tests can be done to piinpoint the amount of damage done to my back?


A plain X-ray would be the best place to start. Other images like bone scans, MRI's, and CT scans can also help. At your age, there is going to be deterioration, so it would be impossible to tell what exactly was injured 44 years ago. At this point it is important to keep moving forward towards a solution instead of worrying about an injury that happen so long ago.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD