Can 14 Year Olds Have Breast Cancer?


Asked by lulu13

Can 14 Year Olds Have Breast Cancer?

My sister is fourteen and has discharge from her nipples. She went to see the doctor and received an ointment and it worked for a while but after she stopped applying the ointment, it came back. She also said that her left breast was occasionally hurting as well. I know she is only 14 but I from what I know they are all symptoms of breast cancer and I am worried for her.


Lulu, PJ is right. What you are describing does not sound like breast cancer. It does sound like growing pains from puberty. Both breasts don't always grow at the same rate, which is probably why her left breast hurts more than her right. We all have muscles under our breast tissue, so it is also possible that there is some activity she does that affects the left side more. I do think that she needs to let the doctor know that the ointment worked, but now the discharge has started again. He may want to prescribe a refill for the medicine. It is good of you to be looking after your sister!

Answered by Phyllis Johnson