I'm 56, Postmenopausal and my Nipples are Sore. Should I Worry?


Asked by hebbams

I'm 56 Years Of Age, Postmenopausal, And Experiencing Sore Nipples Both Breasts. Should I Be Concern

Should I be concerned that my nipples are sore, even that I've been postmenopausal for 6 years now? I had right breast cancer 13 years ago, stage 1 and had lumpectomy and radiation therapy. Both nipples are sore and I'm also having a vaginal discharge that after testing was told it's nothing to worry about.

Thank you.



Hi - Since this is happening with both breasts, it would be extremely unusual for it to be a breast cancer symptom. Please read our post on breast pain (which includes nipple soreness). It might help point you in the direciton of what this could be (perhaps hormonal), and whether or how quickly you should see a doctor. Good luck - PJH

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